RCCBG History commenced in 1986
The Rotary Club of Canberra-Burley Griffin received its Charter from Rotary International on the 10th of March 1987. The Charter Members comprised 25 business and professional men representing a wide range of vocations from the Canberra central business district. The club was one of the first to extend its Rules to provide for the entry of women members and it has over the years actively encouraged business and professional women to join the ranks of Rotary.
From humble beginnings in 1986, the fund raising activities of the Club have increased to the stage where a wide range of community groups now rely upon regular contributions from the Rotary Club of Canberra-Burley Griffin to continue worthwhile community services in the Canberra region. Additional commitments are made to vocational and international projects in order to provide a balanced and valuable program of donations through the Rotary Year.
It is with great pleasure we present this History and hope that in forthcoming years the Club will update the publication to provide a useful record of the Club's financial contributions and other efforts for the advancement of the citizens of the Canberra region.
Bill Andrews 30 June 1994
Bruce Timbs bravely took on the Charter Presidency and served the dub for the next 18 months in that role. The Club initially met at The Canberra Club and later the Red Door Restaurant in the Travelodge Hotel. As members found out more about each others strengths, we explored avenues for raising funds such as an auction and dinner night at the Red Door Restaurant. Other activities that Club Members participated in in it's first year were:
Red Shield Door Knock - assistance Rotary Youth Exchange
Sponsored attendances of youths at RYPEN, RYLA & the CRA National Science Summer School.
Funds were contributed to:
  • C.R.A. National Science Summer School activities  $500.00
  • Polio Plus Campaign                                                 $1,700.00
  • Australian Rotary Health Foundation                       $200.00
In the first full year of his Presidency, President Bruce Timbs
inducted PDG Jack Olsen from the Canberra Club, our sponsor,
as an Honorary Member in recognition of his work in
establishing the Club. We learned for the first time about the
Life Education Centre, met it's Educators and had dinner at the
Centre as a Club meeting one night. We continued our support
for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, RYLA and RYPEN
schemes. We were introduced to the Rotary International Youth
Exchange Scheme and were the sponsoring Club for Miss Kiraly
Southern, who travelled to Tokyo, Japan for one year. In
addition, we made the following contributions:
Polio Plus Campaign                                              $1,682.00
(became Polio Plus 100% Club)
Australian Rotary Health Research Foundation      $200.00
National Science Summer School Student Nominee $200.00
Life Education Centre                                               $500.00
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund -                     $500.00
Rotary Foundation -                                                 $200.00
President Reg Pawle was our first elected President and expanded our horizons to more ambitious fund raising activities. In this year, we started the Golf Day in March and a Gala Melbourne Cup Day Lunch in November. A social evening, with an auction was held at the Red Door Restaurant. We were introduced to the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Scheme and provided a Counsellor for Bernard Francois from Grenada, who was studying economics at the ANU.
We hosted on an overnight basis, visiting Japanese Students. Kiraly Southern corresponded with the Club from Japan.
Other contributions in this year included:
Life Education -                                                    $1,000.00
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund -               $250.00
St Vincent De Paul -                                                 $250.00
ACT Wheelchair Sports Club -                                $250.00
Support for RYLA - our first student
Andrew Owens
President George Scott also had a personal theme - Learn Rotary - as he felt we should all start getting to know the "ins and outs" of Rotary in more detail. A number of high profile speakers joined us for lunch, including Chief Minister Rosemary Follett and the Head of the Reserve Bank, Bernie Fraser. The Red Door Restaurant closed down in preparation for demolition and we went through an unsettled period when first we dined at the Country Comfort Motel and later the new Capital Parkroyal Hotel. Whilst at the Parkroyal, we occasionally met in the function rooms in the adjoining Convention Centre. In George's year, we embarked on the successful Manuka Craft Market, which raised about $3,500.00 in each of the three years of it's operation. We also expanded our membership of women members with Isobel Holthouse, Registrar of the ACT Supreme Court, joining us. High interest rates meant that we earned a sizeable income on the reserve funds in our trust account. Fund raising activities included the Golf Day and the last of the Melbourne Cup Days. A second Rotary Foundation Scholar, Peggy Gearing Li, was sponsored by the Club and joined us frequently for social occasions and became a good friend. She provided a fascinating slide presentation of her trip to China at a social auction/dinner evening held at Tony Waring's "Canberra Star Motors". Contributions were made to:
Newcastle Earthquake Appeal - $130.57
Nyngen Flood Appeal - $500.00
Life Education Centre - $500.00
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund - $500.00
Campbell High School - $150.00
Hartley House - $500.00
Miss Macareen: Pan Pacific Music Concert - $495.00
Print Handicap Radio - $400.00
National Science Summer School Kate Crawford - $300.00
Ainslie Primary School Students Music Tuition
to an Aboriginal student - $300.00
RYLA - two students - $460.00
RYPEN - two students - $270.00
Campbell High Peer Support Scheme - $150.00
Rotary Foundation $500.00
Operation Paradox - $100.00
New Family Centre Appeal - $250.00
Support for Peg Gearing: Rotary Scholar
President Tony Waring introduced a number of his diplomatic and associated friends to the Club which added a different gloss on our social functions. In Tony's year, we moved to Olims Hotel Restaurant which, although was undertaken with some fear and trepidation at first, turned out to be a very successful move. Funds were raised during this year from the last of the Manuka Craft Markets, Golf Day, Annual Auction Dinner and another very successful function held at his Canberra Star Motors. Our association with Campbell High School was cemented with the commitment to maintain a Peer Support Programme and an offer to continue financial support for worthwhile projects within that school. Merv Willoughby-Thomas, a Charter Member, was assisted in a trip to Manus Island near Papua New Guinea when he participated in a FAIM project, building a room onto an existing school in the middle of the jungle. For the first time, we accepted an International Youth Exchange student, Fabiana Valleijo from Brazil - a young girl who will long be remembered for various reasons by the Club, especially, her host families.
Additional assistance was provided during this year to:
National Heart Foundation - $250.00
Noahs Ark Toy Library - $450.00
Baptist Community Services Aged Persons Home - $300.00
Life Education Centre - $500.00
ACT Downs Syndrome Association - $200.00
Variety Club - $300.00
Life Live - $300.00
Campbell High School Peer Support Programme - $300.00
Hartley House - $2100.00
RYLA - Kathryn Grebert - $260.00
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund - $345.00
Smith Family - send Youth to NSW Education Dept Adventure Camp $120.00
Operation Paradox - $100.00
Ainslie Primary School & Music Tuition - $360.00
Donation to Bangladesh Relief Fund - $1,000.00
Support for Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Brazil    -Fabiana Valleijo
FAIM - assistance to Merv Willoughby-Thomas - $400.00 Retirement Village, Hughes - $500.00 Manuka Craft Market Golf Day Auction Nights
Paul   Harris  Award  present  to   Club  Service   Director  Bill Andrews
Handyhelp cleanup of pensioners' homes
President Ron was keen to have the committees work more effectively so that the work of the Club could be delegated and expanded. This he managed with enthusiasm and vigour. He inducted our Aboriginal woman Rotary member, Edna Barolits, who has remained an enormously energetic and valuable member of the Club. In this year, we contributed for the first time to Handyhelp, when Club members devoted a day to cleaning up homes for elderly and infirmed residents of Canberra. The relationship with Campbell High School and Ainslie Primary School was further strengthened. The Club organised and sponsored a very successful RYPEN camp for students at the Warrambui Conference Centre near Yass. Other contributions included:
Bowelscan Appeal supported
St Andrews Aged Persons Home - Bench seat - $457.53
Horton House, Yass - $250.00
Life Education - permanent sign - $1500.00
Hartley House - shed - $600.00
Fresh Start - Divorce Recovery $300.00
Assisted with Red Shield Doorknock Appeal -
Handyhelp clean up day -
Smith Family - Youth to NSW Education Dept Adventure Camp $130.00
Campbell High School
  • Special Camp - $200.00
  • Book Prize - $40.00
  • Peer Support Group - $254.75
Ainslie Primary School Book Certificate $30.00
ACT Down Syndrome $120.00
Rotary Foundation - $700.87
Russian Aid Appeal- $500.00
Tina Doust (Rotary Exchange Student) headed off to Mandini,
South Africa
RYLA participant - Daryl Ball
Citizenship Award presented to Peta Morgan at Ainslie Primary School;
Peggy Gearing Li returned from USA to complete Masters Degree - Rotary Foundation Scholar
International Toasts to Overseas Rotary Clubs introduced
Merv Willoughby-Thomas participated in FAIM project on Manus Island
Sponsored    young   person    who    attended    a    mathematics competition in Russia - $250.00
Youth directorship added - Bob Brading Ainslie Primary School Citizenship Award - Peta Morgan Paul Harris Award presented to Past President Tony Waring Fund Raising:
Record year for the sale of Christmas Cakes (approximately $1,300.00 profit)
Manuka Craft Market - approximately $3,000.00 Auctions and Golf Day
President Peter took over the Club in a year when inflation was high and unemployment growing. Fund raising for all Service Clubs was very difficult in this year. Whilst the Club was strong, the demands on it's resources was ever increasing from the social problems existing in our community. Fund raising was accelerated through a Film Premiere Night, an Asian Dinner Night at the Indonesian Embassy, as well as the Golf Day and a number of social evenings. For the first time, the Vocation Service Committee put on a Pride of Workmanship Award Dinner Presentation, setting a trend which hopefully will be followed in years to come. A social tennis competition was inaugurated with the "Greatest Tennis Player on Earth" Trophy presented to George Scott. Other contributions included:
Marymead Childrens Centre - $800.00 Arthritis Foundation - $1700.00 Society for Disabled - $1500.00
Canberra   East   Rotary   Club   Hydrotherapy   Pool   Appeal   -$500.00
Royal Flying Doctor Appeal - $500.00 Multiple Sclerosis Society $1500.00 Royal Blind Society - $1500.00 Camp Quality $75.00
Rotoract trolley push fundraising - $250.00 Lighten the Load video - $200.00 Literary Task Force - $2500.00 Australian Rotary Health Foundation - $1,700.00 Red Shield Appeal Doorknock -
Ron Rabey was recruited by DG Bill Poole   to be one of his  Governors’ Assistant, Now know as Assistant Governor
Assistance with Bowelscan,
Handyhelp Smith   Family   sponsored   youth   to  NSW  Education   Dept Adventure Camp - $175.00
Pride of Workmanship Award - Dinner presentation
NZ Twin Exchange - 1 Student - ($500.00 commitment)
RYPEN- 5 Students ($400.00 commitment)
RYLA - 1 representative
Rotary Foundation Scholar
CRA National Science Summer School
Bangladesh constructed and equipped six wells - $1000.00
International House Canberra University - $500.00
Paul Harris Fellow - $1460.00 presented to Keith Rodda
Conducted Snack caravan at Red Cross Fair
Rotary Scholar sponsored
President Bill continued the hard work during 1993/94 to provide an achievable set of objects within the capacity of Club Members and make Rotary an enjoyable experience for all concerned. Three members retired at the beginning of the year, however as a result of New Members' Meetings the numbers were replaced and membership totalled 35 by the end of the year. At Club Assemblies, members resolved not to pursue large scale fund raising but to enrich the existing programme with more profitable events. Film nights in conjunction with Charities proved to be very profitable whilst auction nights, the golf day and raffles filled out the programme. The Pride of Workmanship Award Night proved most successful with a "high-tech" presentation produced by the Vocational Service Committee. The Tennis Competition was continued and "Past President Presents" meetings were incorporated into the weekly programme. All financial commitments to Charities were achieved however an ambitious plan to set aside $5,000.00 per annum until the year 2000 to fund a major project was postponed. Other contributions included:
Arthritis Foundation of the ACT - $2,500.00
Restoration of St John's Church - $500.00
O'Connor Family Centre - construction of pergola -$1,600.00
Smith Family - Sponsored 2 children from needy families to attend Adventure Camp - $370.00
ACT Downs Syndrome Association - assist weekend seminar $300.00
Provide a Neva Alone Unit to an elderly needy lady in ACT -$1,000.00
Lake Tuggeranong College - assist 3 students gain training and
work experience - $150.00
Provide special life support tubing for Hazel Sargant - $400.00 Life Education ACT - $2,000.00
Outfit Tim Woods to enable him to undertake training at the Australian Baseball Squad - $547.95
Provide volunteers to police parking area for disabled and temporary parking at Floriade - $1,000.00
Provide volunteers for Red Shield Annual Doorknock
Sponsor 4 children to RYPEN Seminars - $480.00
Pride of Workmanship Annual Award Night
New Zealand Twin Exchange - 1 student - Jade Anderson
Provide volunteers for Handyhelp clean up day
Student exchange to Brazil - Felicity Leach
Provide winter firewood for elderly needy citizen
Presented Honour Board to Campbell High School - $1,000.00
Foster Child in Indonesia - $180.00 (Janice Walang)
United Nations Youth Conference - $100.00
CATS Video purchased
Established Trust Fund for Gifted and Talented students at Campbell High School - $750.00 p.a.
  • Chris Gray          The Artworks
  •  Past Presidents
  • Bruce Timbs
  • George Scott
  • Tony Waring
  • Ron Rabey
  • Peter Marshall
  • Keith Rodda        Community Service Director