Photo above: Breaking ground for the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell in 2017 in Nara Peace Park Canberra Australia.
Our Club has a long tradition of participating in a wide range of projects which benefit our immediate community through the provision of our services and financial support. We have purchased park benches for retirement villages, cleaned up after the devastating Canberra bushfires, built gardens and fences at Greenhills near the Cotter River, and repaired and painted for disabled community housing for L’Arche. Over the years we have enjoyed regular “Handyhelp” days when we clean up the gardens for Canberra’s disadvantaged citizens and cleaned up our own bailiwick on “Clean–up Australia Day”.
Nothing is too hard or too complex when it comes to community assistance. It always ends with a hearty barbeque where members and friends reflect on the satisfaction of helping others less privileged, and ”making a difference” in our own community.
Bill Andrews at the Nara Park cleanup.